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This past week I went skiing at a resort called Loveland in Colorado.  All I have to say is OMG it’s so awesome.  And after my past skiing experiences, that’s saying something!!! (Read my past skiing posts to understand why) This place made me love to ski. Like seriously if I lived near some slopes, I’d be out there every day.  I met some awesome people there this past week too.  Hope I can go back some day.

So I just wanted to send a shout out through Tumblr to anyone else who LOVES Loveland!! 

And to anyone who was there this past week (Mar 13-15, 2012), I was the chick with the bunny hat! ;)….. (yeah you probably saw me wipe out a couple times in the Basin)

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I Pulled a Pepa

In this world, there are many people who are extremely trusting.  They believe whatever you tell them- no questions asked. I am the complete opposite.  I usually EXPECT sarcasm when you may be perfectly serious (unless I really know you, of course).  This trait, although useful at times, can also cause some awkward moments in life.

[Although this is a short story, I found it random and funny, which is what I try to shoot for in all my blogs]

I was sitting across the table from a friend of mine the other day and I noticed his family wasn’t around.  So I asked him where they were.  When he told me that his dad was in Philadelphia, I responded:

"Pennsylvania or Mississippi?"

"Pennsylvania," he replied.  For whatever reason, I thought he was being sarcastic.

"Don’t get smart with me!" I retorted, angry that he had randomly decided to get an attitude with me.  A very confused and fearful look came across his face.

"Pennsylvania….I…didn’t even know there was a Philadelphia, Mississippi…." he cautiously responded.

Random story, no? This, ladies and gentlemen of Tumblr, is what I call “pulling a Pepa”.  And it is moments like this that make it clear there is only one Pepa Grace.  

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Do you know any good Presbyterian churches around here? I left my directory at home."
“Actually I thought we could all go to church together tomorrow.”
“….To a catholic church?”
“Yeah! It’ll be like a safari. Maybe on the way we’ll see a wild herd of Lutherans!
Everybody Loves Raymond. A conversation between Amy’s parents (the MacDoogles) and Frank and Marie Barone concerning Easter.

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